Aldo - Crier Platform Heels

Friday, September 23, 2011
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love, love, love ShopStyle! You can have notifications sent to you when your fave clothing, shoes, or bags go on sale, you can have all of a certain designers line on notification or just a few pieces it's completely up to you I think this is a fab idea for a girl on a budget. And that's how I found these lovelies from Aldo.

Their name is Crier and they have about a 5" heel on them and I love that, but these are definitely not made for an extended period of standing or walking, even in an office setting. I have other shoes that are 5" heels that I've gone shopping at Walmart in so I am used to walking in that high of a heel. I didn't send these back because I do like them, but I don't see myself wearing them anywhere other than the office and if I know I'll have to make a trip to the courthouse or make a grocery run after work I won't wear these. I'm also glad that I bought these on sale instead of paying the full price because if I had paid full price then I definitely would have sent them back when I saw this:

Yes, I do believe those holes should be aligned and have actual holes that go all the way through! This strap was definitely a big fail. And if you're paying $80 for anything, in my opinion, it should be finished and not look like something that was just thrown together because there happen to be some material left over, but since I only paid $25 for them I could look past that.
My shopping experience online with Aldo was great and I'll definitely shop there again, but I'll be hesitant to buy anything with an ankle strap unless it's a really good sale price.


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Missoni for Target

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
I finally got a chance to get to Target and check out the Missoni for Target line after work today. I guess I should've gone this morning, because what I found was nada! Zip, zero, zilch. Well maybe not zilch, but basically it was just a couple of scarves, tights and a clutch. From what I heard from the employees it was like Black Friday this morning and there really wasn't a whole lot of inventory anyway. I did manage to find some pieces that people tried to hide (FYI, trying to hide stuff from me is futile, if I want it I'll find it). Let me say, unless what I happened to pick up was for an 8 year old, if you have any type of curves and boobs bigger than mosquito bumps don't bother! Even Kim K. wouldn't fit into that medium sweater. Then there's the prices, $40 for a knit clutch that will more than likely start to come apart before Christmas? No thank you! For another $30 I can head over to TJ Maxx and find a Michael Kors large satchel bag or a couple of Lillly Pulitzer cardis plus a couple of pair of platform heels. So yeah unless this line goes on sale any time soon (which I doubt) I won't be wearing any Missoni for Target.

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@MichaelKors palm beach thong sandal

Friday, September 2, 2011
My second find of the week, at Dillard’s, was this pair of wedge sandals from who else? Michael Kors! I love him! Of course, I can’t afford him at regular price, but my shoe sale radar is getting much better thanks in part to So when I went to Dillard’s to check out the espadrilles I found out that they were starting their summer shoe clearance. And with this never ending 100+ degree weather? I’m definitely going to get to use these sandals a lot! As a matter-of-fact I’m wearing them today with my capris for TGIF! So I’ll have an update on how well they worked at the office. The price is perfect for a girl on a budget. And now for your viewing pleasure my new sandals…..
Michael Kors Palm Beach Thong Sandal in Sun Patent. Sale price: $31.15, some sizes available at
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@MichaelKors Meg Espadrille on sale at Dillard’s!

Thursday, September 1, 2011
I love these espadrille’s! I originally received an email notice from that these were on sale, but as much as I loved how they looked I really wanted to try them on so I headed over to Dillard’s after work to see if the store had them on sale as well or if it was just an online sale. Surprise! Dillard’s is have their Summer Shoe Sale! #Winning
I can’t give you a full report since, I just bought them on Monday. I haven’t been able to really put them to the test yet, but I can tell you that this was the last pair in a size 6 and they were really comfortable wearing them around the shoe department. This color is called Bouganvilla, which after a Google search I found out is a type of flower. They also had a zebra print and are on sale for $24.15! Perfect for a girl on a budget.


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