@katespadeny Prize Ball Pop Top Mittens

Thursday, December 22, 2011
In need of a Hanukkah or Christmas gift? If you have a Kate Spade store near you I highly recommend stopping by for these super soft mittens, that just happen to be on sale! I bought my pair a month or so ago and I get so many compliments I'm afraid someone will snatch them off my hands! I love the fact that the thumb has a "pop top" so if you're like me and are constantly texting/tweeting you don't have to take off your entire glove. I've seen plenty of gloves that claim to be "fingerless" until you get to the thumb that is. These glove makers must not use a smartphone. But I digress, let's get back to these colorful lovelies. They're made of 100% wool and after some use they do pill a bit, but for me it's hardly noticeable. There is a cuff, but if you wanted to extend it to give it a long-glove look you could and they still look fabulous, but would you expect anything less from Kate? And they most definitely keep my hands warm, so far the temps have fallen into the high 20's in my neck-of-the-woods and these mittens have kept my mitts nice and toasty! I will say that, on my mittens at least, the loop that holds the flap in place (if you're not covering up your fingers) is a bit tight so it's hard to wrap around the button if you have your mittens on. But that is a very minor detail in what is otherwise a very fab pair of gloves! If you want to buy a pair for yourself and you're not in a rush to get them before Christmas head on over to the Kate Spade website and order a pair before they're gone! Did I mention they're on sale? Oh and one last thing...free shipping! My two fave words when ordering online, music to my ears. :)

If you do need them before Christmas you have until noon Eastern time today to place your order with over night shipping, but it'll cost ya.
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Review: Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Color Care

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
So last week I posted this eureka moment on my Tumblr, now here's a review for you.

I've always tried to DIY my nails at home since manis can get expensive, but every time I tried I would always get "bubbles" in the polish and then just get frustrated and reach for the nail polish remover. I did the whole routine, top coat, base coat, filing, buffing, the works! And still the bubbles would appear. Even my hubby sensed my frustration because he eventually told me he knew I wasn't making it up and just go ahead and pay for a manicure. Well not anymore! While I was in Memphis, Horn Lake, Mississippi to be exact we went to Walmart and I found this:

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Color Care in Linen

It's called Smooth and Perfect by Sally Hansen it claimed to "hide ridges with a breathable porcelain-smooth finish" I also picked up the Insta-Dri which said it would dry your polish in 30 minutes and let me tell you I've tried the canned dry stuff and I have a little dryer to put my hands in, but the next morning I still have those "flattened" marks on my nails. Since I had nothing better to do since I was stuck in our hotel room all day enjoying the alone time, I filed my nails, said a little prayer and applied the polish as directed. Eureka!! It worked, no bubbles here! #Winning And the Insta-Dri? Yep my nails were dry in 30 minutes and yes I did time it cause I'm a nerd like that. ;) Here's what my nails looked like dry:


I know you can't really tell, but I did pick a lighter color since I previously had on Carry On by Essie, I figured my nails needed to breathe. But I'm here to say, sorry Essie but you've been replaced, although I am going to try using my Essie and OPI polishes with only the Insta-Dri and see if I get the dreaded bubbles. I'll keep you posted on how that goes. But as long as Sally Hansen doesn't discontinue this line I'll be a happy camper and if they do...well we won't go down that path. :)
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